Fix the error code 21000068 Reset Epson Adjustments

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Fix the error code 21000068 Reset Epson Adjustments – How to fix an error code 21000068 that occurs when trying to reset the counter of Epson printer ink storage that is full so that the printer becomes blinking.

The Epson printer will be blinking with the ink cartridge status lights flashing. Resulting in our printer being unable to print

This error information was created by the manufacturer to prevent more severe damage in the printer. This error information can occur because you might be using the wrong software to refill the print pad. Always make sure to have the right software when resetting the printer, check the model and whether it is compatible with AdjProg printers after accepting the terms and conditions for the installation

model L200 of printer Epson adjustment
model L200 of printer Epson adjustment

Some software resets have more than one printer model to reset, you should always select the same as the model of your printer.

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 The link below will direct you to the WIC Reset to eliminate common error in your Epson printer such as filled printing pads error.

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Download the software Epson Adjustment

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